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The ToolDesign Principle

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The ToolDesign Principle Others The ToolDesign Principle Others

Significant increases in R&D expenditures of Schumacher for new product segments and management tools have led to continuous improvements in competitiveness.

Based on a series of other R+D projects, a current example for the innovative capacity of Schumacher is the comprehensive construction-, calculation- and production-system ToolDesign.

The objective:

  • ToolDesign represents a unique software-based system for developing, producing and administrating rotation-symmetric cutting tools

Over the past years, ToolDesign has developed into a core component of the Schumacher network - serving it as a know-how base. The roots to this system come from the entirely parameter-based item structure and geometry basis.

This allowed our R+D team to draw upon the results of various previous projects and combine the constructional, calculatory and database-relevant requirements for the production of rotation-symmetric precision tools.

ToolDesign features:

  • Pricing for quotations
  • Parameterized 3D – volume models
  • Production drawings
  • Generation and transfer of data for CNC-production machinery
  • Providing Know-How Data to B2B partners
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